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CIC has over six decades of world class experience with in the defense industry and global finance making systems more reliable, and guiding business executives’  expectations about system and operational resiliency. 

CIC puts the world of cyber knowledge at your fingertips.

You’re the business expert –
CIC is your guide to Cybersecurity.

Raise your Cyber IQ

Improve your Cyber Conversations

Managing technology resources requires more than knowing which questions to ask – we’ll help you understand what the answers really mean.

We not only interpret cyber-speak into terms you understand, but explain in business terms how you can better protect your on-line assets.

CIC delivers the most comprehensive cyber controls guidance with specially trained interactive assistants, on-line resources and expert human advisors.

Learn from others before mistakes cost you your business.

See what CIC does.

Executive Support

Executives responsibilities can exceed their domain expertise, especially in a technical specialty like cyber security.

CIC helps executives transcend jargon and sales pitches into meaningful conversations with their the direct reports and up-line about their organization’s cyber strategy.

How much to budget for cybersecurity? What’s the measure of success?  How can we tell if our cybersecuruty posture is vulnerable or resilient enough?

CIC understands executives.

Cyber Due Diligence

Outsourcing IT services and buying cyber insurance isn’t enough, even if you can prove compliance.

Hackers are constantly piercing your defenses with phishing emails to snare unsuspecting employees.   They’re bombarding your perimeter looking for weaknesses to plant malware, steal your digital assets and ransom your business.

There are two kinds of companies – those that know they’ve been hacked and those that don’t know it.

CIC knows your cyber risks.

Cyber Workout Plan

Like any good wellness program, you need to leverage your strengths to overcome your weaknesses for peak performance.

We’ll give you a regime that monitors your cyber pulse, focuses your intention, and implements good cyber hygeine everyday.

Cybersecurity is a marathon of vigilance not an IT sprint.  You need life-long, healthy  habits to succeed.

CIC improves your cyber posture.  

Crisis Management

Malware typically incubates for months before rearing its ugly head. By then, it’s too late for avoidance.

Learn the secreta of cybersecurity and proven techniques.  CIC has successfully managed major crises for the defense industry and global financial service organizations.

We’ll help you coordinate the initial response,  ensure stakeholder engagement, analyze causes, limit damage, and recover your operations through sustainable remediation.

CIC is your trusted partner.

The team behind your success

Devin Bock

CTO, Cyber Engineer

Dennis Sullivan

CEO, Solutions Engineer

Strengthen your cyber defense today

You can rely on CIC’s proven track record for explaining  technology in terms that business leaders understand. 

CIC can guide you to improving your governance programs and improving your security to protect your assets.

Knowledge is the power you need to beat the bad cyber actors.

CIC has everything you need to know about cybersecurity. 

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