About Cyber Info Center - How we CIC It!

Why we do what we do?

At the Cyber Info Center, our mission is fueled by a deep-seated belief in the power of empowerment—empowering individuals, small business owners, and organizations to fortify themselves against the ever-present threat of cyber attacks. Our founders, driven by a passion for cybersecurity and a vision for a safer digital world, have dedicated themselves to demystifying cybersecurity practices. We strive to make the complex world of cyber defense accessible to all, particularly focusing on those who may not have the means to engage expensive consultants. By providing comprehensive, AI-assisted cybersecurity and IT advisory services, we aim to transform the way cybersecurity is approached, making it an attainable goal for everyone.

Understanding that small to medium-sized businesses often find themselves navigating the cybersecurity landscape with limited resources, our approach is tailored to meet these unique challenges head-on. Our team is committed to being more than just a service provider; we are catalysts for organizational change. Through our AI-enabled solutions, we offer the tools and knowledge necessary to protect their digital assets effectively. Moreover, we pride ourselves on fostering a supportive community, guiding these businesses towards not only securing their operations but also discovering opportunities for growth and collaboration within the wider cyber and IT sectors. Our ultimate goal is to help find a cybersecurity strategy that fits their specific needs, ensuring they are both protected and poised for success.

In a world where cyber threats are constantly evolving, the Cyber Info Center stands as a beacon of innovation and resilience. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and a wealth of expert knowledge, we are setting new standards for what it means to be cyber secure. Our services are designed to be user-friendly, enabling individuals and organizations to tackle their cybersecurity challenges with confidence. We are not just fighting against cyber risks; we are leading a movement towards a more secure digital environment for all. With the Cyber Info Center, everyone has a partner in cybersecurity, ensuring that together, we can disrupt the cycle of cyber threats and pave the way for a safer, more secure digital future.

Guess who's watching your cybersecurity

Why should you care?

If your IT system is connected to the internet, then you should care.

Almost half of cyber attacks are against small business because their security is the weakest. Mid sized businesses with attractive data and IP are typically vulnerable. Large companies’ treasure troves are vulnerable due to the size and complexity of their IT environments.

60% of small business fold after a cyber attack. Cyber attacks on mid-sized business can cost millions and incur regulatory, client and reputational damage. Large businesses suffer from loss of share prices and reputation, even after paying tens of millions or more to recover.

The Hacker’s little secret is that human behavior is still responsible for 70% to 90% of successful attacks. The rest are exploits against technical vulnerabilities.

Working hard is good - if you're working together

Cyber warfare is a battle of wits.  Winning is everything, and that takes proactive, disciplined, well-informed vigilance about your vulnerabilities.

Lose your insecurity.

Let CIC make you stronger.

We never stop - so you can sleep better

CIC constantly updates their models of cyber risks, control frameworks and vulnerabilities to kep you abreast of the most current information.

By understanding good cyber-hygiene, you can be confident that your security posture is strong, resilient, and better able to thwart ever-growing threats.

Our mission is simple - help you help yourself

Our mission is to help you protect your hard-earned assets from cyber criminals and insider problems.  

Given that human behavior is the biggest success cause of cyber exploits, we help you manage threats inside your organization, like gullible employees, or others with bad intent.

CIC provides you with objective and unbiased cybersecurity advise.

We make
it simple

Using understandable business terms, our easy-to-use frameworks and cyber assistants understand how you think about profitability, market share, and the value of your data.

These assistants speak your language – business strategy, finance, legal and regulatory compliance, auditing and technology – so that you can converse in terms you understand. 

We take you step-by-step

Whether forming a cyber strategy, launching a new service, performing due diligence for a sale or acquisition, or responding to an actual cyber event, CIC’s experienced team are with you all the way.

Their expertise lies in engineering outstanding cyber solutions that keep your business thriving.  If you succeed, then CIC has accomplished its goals.  It’s as simple as that.

Improve your security posture.

From subscriptions and specially trained cyber assistants, to controls solutions tailored to meet your needs, the Cyber Info Center is the most cost effective way to strengthen your Cybersecurity posture.

Lose the insecurity.

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